Water bottles for carbonated drinks

You are looking for a drinking bottle that is leak proof even for carbonated drinks and that resists hectic everyday life? SIGG bottles are tested for carbonated drinks and juices and are leak-proof - guaranteed. Shop our collection of water bottles for carbonated drinks now and find the water bottle that fits your needs best. 

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SIGG bottles: certified for carbonated drinks!

The German foundation for product testing conducted a test series with drinking bottles from different companies regarding leakage safety when filled with carbonated drinks. Our Traveller Collection was the only water bottle out of the 16 tested that is fully leak-proof.
From now on we can officially say: we have the best bottle for carbonated drinks! Our water bottles are leak-proof, no matter what. You like your drinks carbonated? No problem! Enjoy your favourite beverage whenever wherever you want with your SIGG leak-proof drinking bottle.

Enjoy the large selection of our online shop

Our online shop exclusively offers all glass, aluminium, stainless steel and plastic bottles available.
Discover all colours of the popular VIVA, HERO or Traveller collections. From colourful bottles in yellow, red, coral or blue to more sophisticated colours like black, grey or white: we have 'em all! Find the drinking bottle for carbonated drinks that fits your lifestyle!

Quality since 1908

We at SIGG are professionals in the production of drinking bottles for carbonated beverages. We've been producing high quality aluminium products since 1908. It all started with the original aluminium drinking bottle and over the years countless other collections and models have been added. Of course the original drinking bottle has been further developed - and brought back according to the mantra: Back to the Roots. Over the years, we've not only improved our water bottles, but also created different closures, so that you have the freedom to decide which bottle top suits you best: One-Hand or Screw Top, Narrow Neck or Wide-Mouth. If you want to know more about our development and manufacturing, click here.

We love you and the environment

Our reusable water bottles are free from any toxic or harmful substances like BPA or oestrogen-active phthalates. Why you should avoid those substances? Learn more about harmful ingredients in drinking bottles and food jars here.
All our materials are not only unlimitedly often reusable and reduce your daily waste, they are also fully recyclable. Although, thanks to their high-quality and robust material, they may never need to be recycled and can accompany you your entire life!
What are you waiting for? Grab your SIGG spill proof bottle and enjoy life. The environment will thank you for it.