SIGG manufactures products that meet contemporary tastes and set new standards at the same time. The unmistakable design of SIGG bottles has long since attained cult status. This has been confirmed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which displays two SIGG bottles in its permanent exhibition.

The design team in Switzerland is constantly developing new products, paying attention to constantly changing customer needs and new trends. The design process is divided into five phases. It starts with comprehensive research, especially on two central questions: What are the customers’ needs? What features should the new product have to meet those needs?

Once the answers have been found, the idea phase begins. Now the initial sketches and drafts of the new product are created. In the next step – the conception phase – the goals are defined that are pursued during subsequent product development. Various solutions are developed and tested.

Once the decision has been made for a product, it is put into practice, i.e. in the project planning phase. And because SIGG sets the highest standards in design and quality, each product is tested by independent laboratories for compliance with all standards and regulations before it goes on sale. For this reason, the journey of a product from the first idea to the first sale can take up to 18 months.