Aluminium Water bottles

Whether at work, school or sports activities, our SIGG aluminium water bottle is the perfect companion everywhere! It's extra light, easy to carry and ideal for both small and large adventures.

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SIGG aluminium water bottles - A classic of worldwide repute

Aluminium plays a crucial role in the history of SIGG. We've been producing our world famous, high-quality aluminium bottles since 1908 and continuously improving our production and printing methods. Our aluminium drinking bottle is world-famous. Its iconic design has even earned it a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The SIGG aluminium bottle comes in a variety of trendy colors and a range of sizes, from 0.3 litres to the popular 1.0-litre and even the 1.5-litre version.

SIGG alu bottles - Strong & durable

The aluminium bottle with the finger hole in the lid has inspired generations with its simplicity and durability. The aluminium will easily survive almost anything, be it a fall from a great height or the rigours of a backpack, sports bag or school bag. This makes it an ideal companion, especially for outdoor use. Any small dents or scratches will be the marks of an adventure but will not affect the quality of the bottle in any way.

SIGG by tradition - Aluminium bottles since 1908

Our aluminium bottle was first launched in 1908 and has since become indispensable. It is THE original SIGG drinking bottle, the one that started it all. With over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of aluminium water bottles, we know exactly what it takes to make the best, namely: light, high-quality aluminium, and production expertise. Want to know more about how they're made? Then click here.

Aluminium drinking bottle - leak-proof even with fizzy drinks

Crafted from just a single piece of aluminium, our water bottles have no welded edges. That makes them completely water-tight, even for carbonated drinks - confirmed by the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest.
Thanks to their screw caps, our bottles don't leak out of the top either. And to make them easier to fill, we've also developed a version with a larger opening.
Our Wide Mouth bottles are easy to clean, and the 3-Stage Sport Top offers different closing options.With our drinking bottles, what's inside stays inside. What's more, the opaque aluminium keeps your beverage fresh and helps prevent germs from forming.

The aluminium drinking bottle for every day

Whether from our Traveller, Original, Sports or Mountain collection, our aluminium water bottles are robust and weather-proof - perfect for an active lifestyle and sport lovers: bikers, hikers, climbers, or for those who prefer workouts in the gym.

SIGG for kids

SIGG water bottles are not just for grown-ups. They are also great for kids. Our kids' water bottles feature fun and colourful motifs, and we've expanded our range to give even the youngest exactly what they need.

Good for your health - and for the environment

Whether aluminium, stainless steel or plastic, SIGG water bottles are BPA-free and food-safe. Their inner coatings are resistant to all kinds of fruit acids, making them great for juices, fizzy fruit drinks and other beverages.