Sophia for Children is a non-profit NGO registered in Cyprus aiming to fight poverty and its adverse effects, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable of all social groups - the children. The organization operates mainly in Kenya and aims to provide children in need with safety and care, board and lodging, healthcare, and most importantly education.


SIGG supports Sophia for Children through the provision of clean water for schools and communities, where access is difficult and where climate change causes long droughts and extreme disastrous natural phenomena. All the proceeds from the sale of the four Sophia for Children drinking bottles sold in our webshop will be donated to the Sophia for Children. By purchasing one of our three Hot & Cold One 0.5L bottles: H&C Leopard, H&C Elephant, H&C Lion or our children’s bottle Sophia Giraffe in 0.4L size, you directly support the children in Kenya.


Water is Life - nowhere can this be captured more intensely than in the drought stricken waterless terrain of Turkana. Children, especially girls and women walk for many kilometers every day, digging in the dry rivers in search for water. The journey back home is painful. The daily search for water and food is the main reason for keeping girls out of school. Sophia for Children has constructed and maintains a water-well benefiting the children of the school and the communities around the area of Karoge. The mechanical water-well provides clean water for both people and animals. With the moto ‘Water is Life’ SIGG has designed and created unique special edition bottles to be donated to the Sophia for Children for the provision of clean water to schools in Kenya.


Stylish African animal design of our Hot & Cold One brushed bottle or a cute and colorful Giraffe print of the Kids KBT? Each bottle from our Sophia for Children collection, hand-printed in Switzerland, will surely become a new favorite companion of your daily activities. The Sophia for Children Hot & Cold One bottles are made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, vacuum-insulated and keep drinks hot or cold for many hours. The innovative One top allows easy drinking on the train, in the car and in urban life situations - safely locked after use. Similar to Hot & Cold One bottles our Sophia for Children Giraffe kids water bottle has a safety top which protects the mouthpiece from dirt and dust. This recyclable aluminum bottle is easy to transport and free from chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.