Sport water bottles

Always by your side: the perfect sports bottle to fit your needs and your activity level. Leak-proof and available in many different colours. Quality since 1908. 

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What materials are best to use in a sports bottle?

Which sports bottle is perfect for you depends on the type of sports you do.
Things to look out for: the material as well as the volume of the sports bottle, which both impact the weight and stability of the drinking bottle.
If you like to train in the gym or generally indoors with many storage options, you can carry larger, heavier gym bottles, like our 0.85 L glass water bottle.
For joggers, smaller, lighter bottles made of aluminium or tritan are more useful. Outdoor enthusiasts probably prefer a more robust bottle made of stainless steel, which can keep drinks hot and cold for several hours in the thermal version.

Which sports bottle is the best sports bottle for you?

In our drinking bottle range we have numerous collections that can generally all be used as sports bottles. Regardless of that we created some of our collections solely with the purpose to use them as a sports bottle. Including our "Total Clear" collection made out of extra lightweight Tritan and a practical one-hand-opening, perfect for running. Our "Sports" collection fits perfectly in a bottle cage due to its ergonomic shape. If you are a enthusiastic cyclist or mountain biker you can have a look at our bike water bottle site and find out which bike water bottle fits you best.

Leak-proof water bottles for carbonated drinks!

You prefer carbonated mineral water over simple still water? No problem for SIGG water bottles and the many different bottle tops in our collection. All of our sports bottles are leak-proof no matter what liquid you choose to take with you. Our aluminium water bottle even got certified by the German foundation for product testing - as the only drinking bottle of all tested ones.

The importance of regular cleaning of sports bottles

To ensure that your sports bottle can be used for several years to come the bottle should be regularly cleaned. Preferably rinsed out with water after each use or even better, cleaned with the corresponding cleaner tabs. During sports you come in contact with many bacteria, so it is especially important to clean your fitness bottle regularly. Our WMB - Wide Mouth Bottles are particularly easy to clean thanks to their large opening.
On our accessories page, you can find additional bottle tops for your SIGG sports bottle, such as our Screw Top or 3 Stages Sports Top, which allow you to customise your bottle the way you need it!