Plastic Drinking Bottles

The best word to describe a SIGG plastic drinking bottle is 'light'. Whether in the gym, at school or at work, SIGG plastic bottles are easy to carry and keep your beverage fresh all day long. They are also entirely free from harmful substances.
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Plastic water bottles - Safe and secure

Our SIGG plastic water bottles are completely free from harmful substances. With no BPA or phthalates, they're absolutely health-friendly. They're made of patented Tritan (Total Clear and Total Color collections) or polypropylene (VIVA and Hero water bottles). Tritan bottles are dishwasher safe and light as a feather; polypropylene bottles are strong and durable. To find out more, check our materials page.

How to clean your plastic bottle

Keep your SIGG bottle looking good for longer by cleaning it regularly. With SIGG plastic bottles, it's easy: simply put them in the dishwasher and they'll be ready for your next adventure when you are! Alternatively, clean them by hand with our bottle cleaning tablets and cleaning brushes, which you'll find on our accessories page.

Wide range of sizes

The SIGG Tritan drinking bottle comes in a range of different sizes, from 0.5-litre to 0.6-litre or 0.75-litre. We have the size to meet your needs and keep you hydrated all day long. At SIGG, we know the importance of water for a healthy and happy life. The SIGG polypropylene water bottles are available in 0.5-litre or 0.6-litre. There is also a 0.5-litre version for kids, with kids-favourite fun themes.

Plastic bottles. Eco-friendly and recyclable

Whether glass, stainless steel or aluminium, SIGG water bottles are made with the environment and sustainability in mind. That's why our plastic bottles are reusable and very eco-friendly. When they reach the end of their lifetime, they can easily be recycled.

Accessories for plastic drinking bottles

Keep your bottle looking good for longer with our bottle clean tablets and a cleaning brush, which you can find on our accessories page. With the right care, your bottle will live for longer. You can also add a selection of different caps for your water bottle to suit it to your needs or match your outfit! Check our accessories page to find out more.

Plastic drinking bottles for school

Because they are so light, plastic bottles are perfect for kids. They're also leak-proof for both fizzy and non-fizzy drinks. And because they're resistant to impacts and scratching, they'll even survive the rigours of life in a backpack, sports bag or school bag. Perfect for the rough and tumble of school life.

Get the look!

Because plastic is transparent, you can always see how much of your drink is left. That way, you know if you've drunk enough and whether you need a top-up. But transparent needn't mean bland: our plastic drink bottles come in an array of colours, such as green, blue, berry and even white - and always with our very own SIGG logo.