Glass Drinking Bottles

Eco-friendly materials meet Swiss design: For extra protection, we've developed silicone and neoprene covers for our SIGG glass water bottles. The perfect companions for every day, our glass water bottles are taste-less and odour-less and keep your drinks fresh all day long. The Hot & Cold version also comes with an integrated stainless steel filter.
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Glass drinking bottles keep beverages fresh

Our glass water bottles keep drinks tasting just as they should. Odourless and tasteless and crafted from the highest quality glass.

Glass drinking bottles are easy to clean

Keep your SIGG water bottle looking good for longer by cleaning it regularly. With the SIGG glass bottle, it's easy! Simply take off the protective cover and put it in the dishwasher. It's completely dishwasher-safe and will be ready when you need it. To clean it by hand, use bottle cleaning tables and cleaning brushes, which you can find on our accessories page.

SIGG Thermo Glass Bottles

Our thermo glass bottles keep hot and cold drinks at the right temperature for several hours. Perfect! They are also available in stainless steel - great for all (ice)-coffee or (ice)-tea lovers.

Eco-friendly, reusable glass bottles

If you care about the environment as much as we do, then SIGG glass water bottles are the way to go. Free from harmful substances such as phthalates or BPA, they are fully recyclable. We also carry out regular quality checks to ensure they contain no BPF, BPS, PVC, polycarbonates or any other harmful chemicals. But it's not only our glass drinking bottles that are free from harmful substances. Our aluminium, stainless steel and plastic bottles are as well!

Accessories for glass water bottles

Need a change? Our screw-cap system allows you to use your SIGG water bottle with a range of different lids, from the familiar type that you can open or close with your mouth to those you can simply flip open with a finger - and even solutions to use with a drinking straw! Find out more on our accessories page.

Available in different colours!

Protect your SIGG glass water bottle with a silicone or neoprene sleeve. For pastel shades of shy pink, glacier or ultra lemon, try our Dream collection with silicone covers. For extra zing, try our neoprene sleeves in red or grey.

Glass bottles to go!

Why only use glass water bottles at home? At SIGG, we've developed glass bottles for on the move. A new alternative to plastic bottles, our glass bottles are not only handy but also a great reminder to make sure you are drinking enough and staying hydrated. For a tasty refreshment with an extra kick, in the office or on the go, why not add some lemon, fresh ginger or fresh berries to your water?