Bike water bottles

Bike drinking bottles made of aluminium, stainless steel or plastic for hobby cyclists as well as for passionate racing cyclists! Uncomplicated one-handed, or to open with the mouth - even while riding. Find the bike bottle that suits you!

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The material makes the difference

For a long time plastic bottles were the most popular bicycle bottles. Nowadays, however, stainless steel and aluminium have also established themselves as materials for bicycle water bottles. Plastic drinking bottles are lightweight and the fill level can be read off easily through the clear material. In addition, many plastic bottles have an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly into the bicycle bottle cage.
Aluminium drinking bottles are just as light as plastic bottles, protect the contents optimally from light and germs and are therefore excellently suited as bicycle drinking bottles.
Stainless steel bicycle drinking bottles are heavier than aluminium or plastic bottles, but more robust. In the thermal version, the stainless steel bottles keep your drink hot or cold for several hours, as a cool refreshment on hot days and a warming benefit on winter tours.

Racing cyclists or hobby biker?

How you use your bike also influences which SIGG bicycle bottle is the right one for you! If you only do a few laps every now and then when the weather is nice, a smaller, handier bottle will do. However, if you are willing to go all out in all kinds of weather, and if you go on longer bike rides, then a larger bicycle water bottle with more capacity - preferably in the thermo version - is more suitable.

SIGG Bicycle Drinking Bottles

At SIGG we have developed many different models of water bottles with different functions.
Our Sports model is made of aluminium with a recessed grip and an extra grippy material so that it won't slip out of your hand while riding. It also fits into standard bicycle bottle cages and can be opened easily with your mouth.
The VIVA water bottles are available in the lighter 0.5L version, with an innovative one-hand closure and in bright colours made of transparent polypropylene.

But these are by no means all bicycle bottles from SIGG! Browse through our range and find the bike water bottle that best suits you and your bike.

Bicycle Drinking bottles in everyday life

When you are not pedaling, you can use your bike bottle in everyday life as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles or disposable cups to keep you hydrated all day long.

Of course, all our bottles are BPA- and pollutant-free. If you would like to learn more about this, please click here.