SIGG not only stands for quality and perfection, but also for environmental awareness. Since the beginning of the company’s history, the founders of the Swiss aluminium goods factory SIGG have been interested in using excess material from production and thus using resources sparingly: the SIGG bottle was born – its production and design unchanged ever since.

It all starts with a piece of aluminium that’s the shape of an ice hockey puck. Every puck is extruded by a 600-ton piston stroke and then flows along the piston, transforming it into a cylinder. The cylinder gets shaped into a bottle with the help of up to 26 differently shaped modules, each one moving the metal further towards the final shape. Once the bottle has the iconic form that we all know, the next step is to coat the inside of the bottle with our liner to avoid direct contact between the liquids and the aluminium.

Once the shape and the inside of the bottle are ready, we paint the outside with the desired colour and design using the screen-printing
method. The lid is added, and a manual quality check ensures that all bottles leaving the production line are in perfect condition.

SIGG produces bottles in Switzerland with the overarching goal of keeping its environmental impact as low as possible. Thanks to innovative solutions, it has been able to reduce its ecological footprint further and further. SIGG currently uses more than 55 percent energy from renewable sources in its bottle production. The small amount of waste from production is recycled at a rate of 99 percent, and the water used to clean the bottles is collected in a closed system and recycled. Thanks to the longevity of its high-quality and reusable aluminium bottles, SIGG products have a significantly better CO² balance than disposable PET bottles.