Care & Use

How to clean your SIGG bottle

Always clean your SIGG bottle manually. Rinse your bottle and bottle cap with hot water after use, let it dry and always store bottle and cap separately. If your bottle gets very dirty or stained, our special cleaning tablets SIGG BOTTLE CLEAN and our SIGG cleaning brush can come in handy. In addition, you should also clean the individual parts of your kids’ and active tops regularly by hand. Taking the caps apart for cleaning is pretty easy.


Basic Tops

Active Bottle Top

3 Stage Sports Top



One bottle, three tops

Leak-proof, even with carbonated drinks


1. Sportbottle top

The three-stage technology: just one turn, pull twice, put it to your mouth – ready to drink. Leak-proof in two positions. Perfect for sport activities.

2. Screw top

Unscrew the top, remove it and drink. Leak-proof even in the most extreme situations thanks to an integrated seal. For outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Bottle top

The screw top with a dirt-proof cap is absolutely leak-proof. One turn and it's ready to use. Ideal for both adults and children.