August is classically a month in which most of us look to go on our holidays. Unfortunately, our holiday fun has a negative knock on effect on the planet. It’s a fact that emissions from Aeroplanes and cars as well as overconsumption of plastic will eventually cost us the planet that many of us seek to explore. SIGG is a company that always strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible, that’s why our products are the perfect companions for you to take on your adventures. There are even more ways to travel with a low carbon footprint however, here are some ideas to make sure that your adventures will not only be a rewarding experience for you, but also for the planet.

SIGG Outdoor
1.)    Avoid bottled water

It goes without saying that bottled water creates a negative impact on the environment. Regardless of where you are in the world most hotels and major restaurant chains use water filters to ensure their water is safe for human consumption. Your trusty SIGG traveller is reusable, light and perfect for making sure that you always have water close at hand.

SIGG Outdoor

2.)   Travel overland

The union of concerned scientists calculates that the decision to travel by train rather than by airplane will reduce your carbon foot print by up to 75%. It might take longer to get somewhere by train, but you will also see more of the country this way too. Half of the fun of travelling is getting there!

3.)   Buy Local products

Local markets sell products that is grown in nearby areas. The less distance food has to travel the less negative impact it has on the environment. Instead of buying expensive lunches why not bring along a SIGG lunchbox or food jar, go to a local market and buy yourself a healthy, locally grown lunch and enjoy the real taste of the country you choose to visit?

4.)   Re-cycle as you go

We all accept tthat re-cycling is an important part of helping the environment. Always be aware of the recycling customs of the country you are in as they may be very different to your own. Did you know that in Germany for example it is common to leave glass and plastic bottles next to the trash can and not inside as it is for homeless people to collect? If you aren’t sure of the best way to dispose of your waste responsibly, simply ask a local.

Remember, travelling is a privilege. It is important that we preserve the planet as much as possible so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences in the years to come. The only way that can happen is that while we enjoy ourselves on our travels we keep the environment in mind. Use your common sense, have fun and- bon yoyage!