Im June sees the beginning of Summer and that can only mean one thing, time to enjoy the sunshine! And of course, being a Swiss company, we suggest that the best way to enjoy the weather is to fill up your SIGG bottle, head out into the wild and enjoy the kind of peace you can only find on a hike. Hiking is as good for the mind as it is for the body and is a sure-fire way to shake off the stresses and strains of city-life and work as you go off grid to explore the unspoiled beauty of mother nature. If you do decide to walk on the wild side however, there is one important thing you must remember, STAY HYDRATED.
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Hydration is key in the Summer months, without proper hydration you are more prone to injury and heat related illness. Here are some top tips for the best ways to say hydrated on your next hiking trip.

1.)    Before the hike you should drink one or two cups of water or sports drink

2.)    Limit the amount of caffeine drinks such as coffee and cola that you drink. Caffeine encourages fluid loss. Alcoholic drinks should also be cut out as they dehydrate the body.

3.)    When engaged in strenuous activity or in direct sunlight drink at least 1l of water per hour.

4.)    Sodium and potassium rich fluids encourage rehydration. This helps especially well when foods with these electrolytes are consumed along with the fluid. Bring potassium rich foods along on your hike as part of your lunch including:

  • Bananas
  • Citrus fruits
  • Lemonade
  • Orange juice
  • Tomato juice


5.)    After your hike, be sure to consume more water. Thirst is a poor indicator of fluid loss so drink more water than you think you need.