Stainless Steel

H&C Food Jar w. bowl 0.5l

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Key features

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

    All ingredients are BPA-Free.

  • Food safe

    Food safe

    This SIGG™ product has been produced with materials that are food safe.

  • Hand wash only

    Hand wash only

    We recommend washing this SIGG™ product by hand only. This way it will keep its quality longer.

  • Hot & Cold

    Hot & Cold

    This SIGG™ product has insulation properties. It keeps the contents hot or cold for the duration indicated.

  • Leak proof

    Leak proof

    This bottle SIGG™ bottle is totally leakproof.

  • Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    Thanks to its design and characteristics, you can clean your SIGG™ product very easily.

  • Spoon/Fork included

    Spoon/Fork included

    A fork and spoon are already at hand with the cutlery.

“Meal Prep” is the hot new food trend that’s getting kitchens steaming around the world. Cook and take your own food with you – instead of expensive and often unhealthy eating out. The Food Jar made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is a new development based on the excellent insulating properties of the HOT & COLD series. Meals stay warm or cold for hours – and as you can eat directly from the Food Jar, you’re free to enjoy more time at lunch. The 0.5-liter version allows you to take complete little menus with you to work – or a big and healthy mixed salad. A plate and spoon are already at hand with the integrated bowl.

18.4 cm 9.5 cm 327 gr.
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Designed for both urban and rural settings for it's sleek design and practicality for people on the go.


Keep your food hot or cold for hours,

no matter where you go.

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