At SIGG we are proud of each range of bottles and food jars that we produce. Each one has been designed, made and tested with a different member of our extensive customer base in mind. While it’s true that we are proud of all our existing ranges, it’s in our nature as a company to constantly innovate and create new ranges that will ensure that even more people can be become members of the SIGG family. That’s why it’s always an exciting time for us when we can introduce another expertly made and designed range. With that in mind, let us introduce you to the SIGG Gemstone range of insulated bottles and food jars.

SIGG Summer Bottles

The Gemstone bottle is a great companion for this exact time of year as not only will the insulation keep your drinks cold and fresh for the remainder of the summer it will also keep your hot drinks hot as the winter months draw near. Its ultra-thin inner body ensures that it is one of our lightest AND most durable bottles ever.

SIGG Gemstone Kollektion

Coming in suave obsidian or classic selenite the bottles, (which come in 0.5, 0.75 and 1.1 L sizes) all feature a cool, contemporary design which means that as well as being a useful tool the bottle will also look good by your side either at the gym, work or just enjoying the great outdoors. Best of all, the lid of the bottle doubles up as a drinking cup with can be easily filled due to the bottle’s “easy pour” mouth.

SIGG Gemstone Trinkflasche

The Gemstone food jar will help to ensure that you will be able to enjoy hot, healthy food when you are on the go all year round. Featuring the same colour schemes as the Gemstone bottle, the food jar is the perfect companion for the bottle or is just as good by itself. Coming in 0.5l and 0.75l sizes, the food jar also shares the same ultra-thin inner body as the bottle and like the bottle is also extremely lightweight AND durable.

SIGG Gemstone

Using a food jar is not only the best way to ensure that you get the hot healthy food that you love, it will also save you money if you take it to work instead of splashing out every day on buying boring salads and sandwiches on the way to work. The food jar also comes with cutlery which will give you one less thing to think about if you have busy schedule. Making our own food and drinks means that at the very least we have the choice of what we put into our bodies. With the Gemstone range you can retake control of your diet by being able to eat and drink delicious hot food and drinks wherever you are.