It’s that time of year again, the summer is coming to a close and the kids are going back to school! SIGG know your kids are the most important thing in the world to you and their health and happiness is of course your first concern and for the coming school year we have you covered with our range of lunch boxes and bottles designed especially for kids! Featuring designs kids will love, Including those of their favourite Disney and Star Wars characters. With their SIGG lunchbox and bottle they will be the coolest kid in school!

Ok, you’ve got the lunchbox your kid will love, the next question is, what to put in it? It needs to be something healthy but at the same time something tasty that your kids will want to eat. That can be a challenge, but it’s one we are here to help you with today. Here are some of the best ways to steer your kids away from junk and towards healthy food.

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1.)Keep healthy food at hand.

Children will eat whatever is around. Instead of keeping all of your fruit and vegetables in the salad draw of the fridge, keep some on the counter. If the only option is healthy food then they will eat healthy food.

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2.)Lead by example

The first point of reference for your kids is you. In their eyes whatever is good for you is good for them too. With that in mind remember that if you have an apple as your afternoon snack that they are much more likely to want one too?

3.)Offer great alternatives

Kids love candy, it’s sweet, small enough to eat in one mouthful and is often a vibrant lively colour, the same can also be said for a lot of fruits. So instead of putting candy in your kid’s lunch box next time, why not give your kids some cut up fruit pieces and a small pot of chocolate sauce? If that sounds like too much work dried Papaya and Banana chips are a great alternative to candy. If you kid wants chips and dips then instead give them baked tortilla chips and salsa, for every kind of junk food you can imagine there is a healthy alternative.

4.)Juice, juice, juice

It’s very much a fact that like candy, kids love soda. Again, though it’s full of sugar, is known to dehydrate kids and lower their attention spans, all in all not ideal for school. In this scenario, fruit juice is your friend. Why not fill your kids SIGG bottle with a combination of fruit juices of their choice? Orange and Pineapple juice is a personal favourite of ours.

5.)Positive re-enforcement

Instead of telling your kids that certain foods are “bad” tie healthy foods to the things they care about, such as sports or academic performance. Let them know that lean meat and calcium will help them with sports, a good breakfast will help them focus in school and that certain fruits and vegetables will give them nicer skin and hair.

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6.)The three-try rule

Sometimes kids will tell you they don’t like something just because they don’t like the look or sound of the food you are offering, sometimes however it’s because the genuinely don’t like the taste. Forcing kids to eat something they really don’t like can have a very negative effect on their eating habits going forward. That’s where the three-try rule comes into play. If your child has tried something at least three times made and served three different ways and still doesn’t like it by the forth, then it’s simple, they don’t like the taste and shouldn’t have it pushed on them any more.

Keep these ideas in mind when you pack your kids SIGG lunchbox and fill their SIGG bottle and rest easy knowing your child is learning to walk on the right path in regards to diet and nutrition, one of the most important lessons of all.

Enjoy your back to school!