Thermo Flask Hot & Cold Glass 0.4l

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Key features

  • Swiss design

    Swiss design

    This product has been designed and engineered by our team and partners in Switzerland.

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

    All ingredients are BPA-Free.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This SIGG™ product is dishwasher safe.

  • Food safe

    Food safe

    This SIGG™ product has been produced with materials that are food safe.

  • Hot & Cold

    Hot & Cold

    This SIGG™ product has insulation properties. It keeps the contents hot or cold for the duration indicated.

  • Leak proof

    Leak proof

    This bottle SIGG™ bottle is totally leakproof.

  • Easy cleaning

    Easy cleaning

    Thanks to its design and characteristics, you can clean your SIGG™ product very easily.

  • Filter & strainer

    Filter & strainer

    This SIGG™ bottle has a strainer and a tea filter inside.

  • Anti-Slip/Anti-Shock


    This bottle has a bumper which offers protection against blows With this bumper your bottle won’t slip on certain surfaces.

Our double-layered SIGG HOT & COLD Glass WMB bottles are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The double layers provide an improved insulation effect. This keeps tea and coffee hot longer and also keeps drinks like fruit and vegetable juices cold longer. The two built-in filters enable anyone to use the bottle according to their individual needs. The long filter is particularly suitable for loose tea, while the short filter is ideal for whole tea leaves or ginger slices. Both filters can easily be removed. The lid is coated in stainless steel 18/8 from the inside, meaning drinks only come into contact with stainless steel and glass. This ensures the taste of the drink is not affected. Pure silicone is used as the sealing material. All materials are of course free from BPA. This bottle keeps your drink 1 hour hot and 2 hours cold.

26.9cm 6.9 cm 530 gr.
SIGG Hot & Cold Glass

Versatility made with glass: For fans of hot & cold brew drinks.

SIGG Hot & Cold Glass

Just your cup of tea for commuting or relaxing, whether it is meant for coffee, fruit-infused water, or loose leaf tea.

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